Our services

We do our best to make your stay here as convenient and comfortable as possible. That‘s why we offer our guests several services free of charge, such as the wireless internet connection.

  • Our housekeeping appreciates your stay with uncompromising cleanness. You will notice this throughout our hotel.

  • Our friendly breakfast-service-staff would like to pamper you with a variety of delicious specialities.

  • Our front desk staff will not let you leave the hotel before you know how to get to the place you want to go.

  • We are also glad to book your dinner, recommend a restaurant, call a taxi, book your flight and print your boarding pass. You can also find a fridge with various drinks at the reception.

  • Depending on the quantity, we offer you a free laundry service. We can wash, fold and iron it and bring it to your room.

  • Do you need a wakeup call? A train connection, a timetable and a ticket? You have no time for breakfast? It‘s our pleasure to help you as much as we can, just let us know and we will be glad to take care of you.

COVID 19 Prevention:

In the following you will find a small list of our extensive hygiene and protection action for our guests and employees.

  • Hand hygiene: We would like to remind every guest to clean their hands at the disinfection station / at the entrance.
  • Limitation of access and distance regulation: Distance zones have been marked and guests and employees are urged to keep the minimum distance of 1,5 meters.
  • Contact with guests: A protective screen is installed at all receptions for the safety of guests and hotel staff.
  • We make sure that there are not more people in front of the reception than specified. If necessary (in case of too many arriving guests in the lobby / reception), the registration form can also be filled in at your hotel room.
  • Pens or other writing objects are disinfected / cleaned after each use before they are passed on to the next guest. When passing or taking the room key to or from our guests it is always disinfected.
  • Obligatory mask: We ask all guests to always wear a mouth-to-nose covering in the public area (e.g. at the reception, in the stairwell, on the way to the breakfast room).
  • Signs with all orders are shown in all important areas.
  • If possible, the front doors remain open (for better ventilation).
  • Employees wear a mouth-to-nose covering throughout the public area.
  • Disinfection in public areas: The disinfection / soap dispenser is checked and cleaned according to the time schedule.
  • Room cleaning: All our guest rooms are cleaned thoroughly after each departure according to a predetermined checklist and important contact areas are specially disinfected.
  • We offer a breakfast buffet: It is most important that always before using the buffet, guests disinfect their hands at the disinfection dispenser provided and always wear mouth-nose protection when using the buffet.
  • We work with set breakfast times so that there is always enough space and time for each individual guest. These times will be checked personally when you arrive.
  • You can ask our hotel staff about our detailed prevention-activities at any time.

Only together we can manage this challenge!